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Is your current alarm playing up and needs replacing? Would you also like to have extra sensors and remotes but access is difficult or your current alarm isn’t compatible?

99% of our customers, (with existing alarms), don’t need to buy a whole new alarm! By keeping your existing sensors and sirens and upgrading JUST your main alarm panel and keypad, you save money!

The Paradox MG5050 has a receiver built into it. The Receiver is for wireless parts. E.g. wire-less sensors, remotes, wire-less smoke detectors etc. (see 'Existing Alarms' on our ‘Existing Alarms’ page for more info)

Included in the Upgrade:
- 10 Zone* Paradox MG5050 Panel Upgrade (we replace your circuit board in your existing alarm panel)
- Standard LED Keypad
- Installation
- Warning Stickers for your windows
- 3 year warranty on parts supplied and workmanship

$600.00, save $50

What next?
Contact Act Alarms to book a time with one of our Alarm Technicians:

Phone: 817 2010
Mobile & Text : 021 592 727
[email protected]

* “Zones” refer to how many sensors and smoke detectors you can have on your alarm

For other alarm parts such as additional sensors, remotes, smoke detectors etc see our price list under 'Existing Alarms'.

Act Now!

Phone Act Alarms on 817 2010


1. Always lock all doors and windows, even for a short outing, (hide the spare keys too!).
2. Use your alarm, yes-even for a short outing! And make sure your alarm is serviced every 3 years.
3. Have Act Alarms warning stickers on your windows.
4. Plant prickly plants under easy-access windows.
5. If going away, get a neighbour or friend to clear your letterbox.
6. Make sure all your valuables are stored in rooms with sensors.
7. Keep valuables away from windows that could be ‘snatched & grabbed’ through brocken glass, (where not covered by alarm sensors).
8. Install sensor-lights above all outside entry doors and main pathways
9. Join your local Neighbourhood Watch group and put their stickers/signs up on your property.
10. Create and store a list of your valuables serial numbers, for free, on NZ Police website SNAP


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computer screen showing camera footage
computer screen showing camera footage
computer screen showing camera footage
computer screen showing camera footage