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Why Have Monitoring?

  • What happens when your alarm goes off?
  • Who is going to check your business and make it safe?
  • Who is going to check when you’re away?
  • What happens in an emergency?

Unfortunately crime rate is rising in Auckland. At Act Alarms we are strong believers in monitoring your alarm, as part of your security, to help keep your staff and your business safe & secure.

What is Monitoring and How Does it Work?

If your alarm is triggered by an intruder or fire, a signal is sent via the phone line or cellular network, to a team of operators at a Monitoring Station. They identify the situation and respond accordingly. This is a 24 hour, 7 day a week service! For example:-

Intruder Detection

  1. Alarm detects intruder!
  2. Monitoring company phones your premises and if no answer, then your mobile.
  3. If no response, a guard is sent to your business.
  4. Guard checks your premises are secure.
  5. If there is a break in, they notify the Monitoring Station & stand guard until you arrive.
  6. Monitoring Station notify you of break-in.

Panic button

  1. You or your staff push the Panic Button .
  2. Monitoring will ring you / staff.
  3. If you / staff don’t answer or give the wrong password, a guard is dispatched to your premises to assist.

Smoke Detector

  1. Smoke Detector is triggered.
  2. Monitoring Company phones your business and if no answer, then your mobile.
  3. If no response, they will dispatch the Fire Service to your premises.

(This is for Smoke Detectors that are connected to your alarm)

Other Situations

  • The Monitoring Company also notify you of the following situations;
  • Power cut to the alarm.
  • Phone line Inactive.
  • Alarm battery faults, (in any components of the alarm e.g. remotes).
  • Alarm fault or tamper.
  • Tracking employees entering / exiting your business (at your request, additional fee).

Contact List

If there is an alarm activation, you can nominate yourself and other people to be called in a specific order. So for example, after they have tried to call you at home and on your mobile, at your request, they will then try your nominated person’s contact numbers before sending a guard.


Act Alarms Monitoring Contracts have NO Fixed Monthly Terms! i.e. We have no need to lock you into a contract. - our service is great, you won’t want to leave!

STANDARD MONITORING - (as detailed above) $6.35/week ($27.50/month)
NIGHT CHECK - We check that your staff have turned on your alarm ‘after hours’. $7.50/week ($32.50/month)
FULLY SCHEDULED - We check that the correct people are entering & exiting when they are meant to, using a pre-determined schedule set by you. $9.23/week ($40.00/month)

(Most of our clients pay us monthly, some bi-annually in advance, whichever suits you best. Prices exclude Guard Call-Out Fee*)

What to Do Next?

Contact us today, Phone 817 2010 OR Email:[email protected] and we’ll arrange an Alarm Technician to visit you and begin Monitoring your Alarm!

Alarm Technician’s Visit

New Alarms – No extra fee!

If you are having one of our new alarms installed there are no additional fees to connect it to the Monitoring Station.

Existing Alarms – One off call out fee $95.00 incl GST

Most existing alarms, under 10 years old, can be Monitored. Let us know what alarm you have and we can advise. The one off call-out fee pays for the Alarm Technician to come out to check all components of your alarm are working and connect your alarm to the Monitoring Station.

Monitoring and Guard Companies

Monitoring Company

Act Alarm’s business partner for monitoring is Monitoring New Zealand Ltd. We have found them to provide great, reliable service at affordable prices – just what we like!

Guard Company

We organise the Guard Company for you as well. For West Auckland we Use “Arrow”. For most other areas we use “Icon”. We have found them both to have the fastest response time and be the most reliable – exactly what you need to keep your Staff & Business safe!

*Guard Call Out Fee $55.00 + GST


(All prices may be subject to change without notice)


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