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A fancy way of saying Cameras! Many businesses and homes have found CCTV to be a vital part of their security.

Have CCTV in your business or home to;

  • Capture images of offenders – burglary, shop-lifting, vandalism or assault
  • Capture images of staff members who are stealing
  • Provide an accurate record of accidents for OSH / ACC investigations
  • Act as a highly effective visual deterrent!
  • A thief does not want to be seen! The images are recorded onto a Hard Drive.

This provides simultaneous recording, play-back and archiving. It can be networked easily and connected to other equipment, like your laptop. With today’s great technology the Real Time Images can be viewed remotely via the internet, on your smartphone or computer, wherever you are.

Inside, outside, daytime, night time, hidden or high visibility, moving or fixed view, DVR or IP?... There are so many options and each business is different, call Act Alarms to arrange a quote for your specific needs. Phone 817 2010 or email: [email protected].

We have put together 2 packages below to give you a starting point.


All prices include GST, EXCLUDE installation and will be subject to an on-site inspection.


20" LCD Monitor

4 Camera with DVR Package

4x Camera with DVR

- 4x Indoor/Outdoor 700TVL Infra Red Cameras
- 4 Channel DVR with 500GB HDD (Supports H.264 720x576 Res. D1 50fps, Calandar Search, Motion Recording & Remote Monitoring)
- USB mouse
- DVR remote


$235.00 Estimate to install*

CCTV 8 Camera Package

8x Camera with DVR

- 8x Indoor/Outdoor 700TVL Infra Red Cameras
- 8 Channel DVR with 1TB HDD (Supports 2x HDD's, H.264, Full D1 Res 50fps, Full PTZ Control, Calandar search, Motion Recording, Remote Monitoring)
- USB mouse
- DVR remote


$470.00 Estimate to install*

*Installation - we will come and give you a fixed quote at your premises. Every site is unique and requires a consultation with us to determine a price.


(All our CCTV systems come with a 1 year warranty. All prices may be subject to change without notice)


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8 port DVR
DVR Remote
Outdoor Camera
8 port DVR
DVR Remote
Outdoor Camera
8 port DVR
DVR Remote
Outdoor Camera